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  • Michał Ivan

    Once again great thanks !!!

  • Michał Ivan

    You are great. Thanks for you help. You save my life 🙂

  • Kiko

    Avanset, you guys are greedy. This site saved me hundreds of $$$. Thank you vce2pdf

  • Uligy

    Amazing got my premium pdf fast. they do have latest material.

  • LooW

    satisfied with the response and PDF. saved me hundreds of $$$

  • nnnnnn

    Been using this service since 2014. One word: AWESOME. Thank you……………

  • Always

    Took around a couple hours for me. Great job! PDF helped a lot.

  • gigaman

    You guys rock. Thanks for the service.

  • Jake

    Great job, thank you so much for the service.

  • Ava

    Amazing!! very good job

  • vmdm

    Great though it took me more than a day to receive the converted file. (maybe because of timezone)

  • 김종진

    Really really good! very fast and perfect.

  • m3c

    perfect and fast service! i made a mistake during payment and the guys fixed it without any further charges. Thanks!

  • killerloopz

    question pls. does the converted vce has the correct answer selected – thanks

  • itspezi

    very good job 🙂

  • maestro

    Awesome job. thanks!

  • Armi

    very satisfied, saved me from purchasing a $300 product

  • John

    the new VCE Premium service is excellent. save a lot of money

  • Sumra

    will definitly come back again! great service. fast and efficient.

  • hoola

    thanks guys, very prompt and got what I needed!

  • Junta

    Great service, thank you guys

  • krishna

    Very prompt and good service

  • Ramit Soni

    Best Service. Very prompt response.

    Thank you so much.

  • Sandip Sen

    Super service. Long live vce2pdf. very cheap and best solution.

  • Lefteris Iliopoulos


  • doongji

    It worked great! I can see all the 623questions from my vce file. I would recommend others.

  • David Martin

    One quick question, if examcollection does not have a premium pdf, you can still get it? Talking about nso-511

    • If it doesn’t exist on EC, most likely it does not exist anywhere else. So unfortunately we cannot get it if its not available.

  • Mazheve

    Very reliable….thanks

  • around the clock

    used this service twice already. Reliable 100%.

  • KT

    No complaints here. Submitted three new vce files and got back pdf next day. Thank you vce2pdf!!

  • Michael

    Any new version for 70-332 recently ?? Thanks.

  • Ramy Habib

    worked perfectly …even after the new change in the VCE version that you have to purchase for 55$..
    I got my pdf in less than two hours and everyting was perfect…save your money and go here.

    Thank you vce2pdf :)))

  • SquadUpBruh

    Worked great got my files i less than 3 hours

  • Markian Polanski

    I was some what skeptical as for that site, but all worked smoothly. Thank you for the help, Avanset totally killed it’s possibility to sell VCE to home/private users. Who would want to pay 69USD per month?! I just still can’t figure out – how can I check that VCE file totally and fully was converted to PDF(say there were no left out pages) ?

    • That’s our guarantee. We make sure the VCE is 100% converted. If the VCE has it, the PDF does too.

      • Markian Polanski

        Perfect, I’m so glad this site exists! Will be definitely using ur service more!

  • julia

    this service is provided in weekend?

    • This service is provided 24×7. Thank you.

  • meranampatanahi

    Friends, I am looking for PDF of cisco 200-120.
    There is lots of efforts to find vce 2.0.2 crack but no luck.

    • Hello. Please please place your order on our website and we will provide you with the PDF.

  • Tomasz PL

    Great service! I have downloaded vce file myself from uncertain source and upload here for a cheap conversion. I could not open vce myself and it turned out that about 50% of answers were blank (due to vce file). I’ve asked vce2pdf guys for help and they send me correct and the most recent wersion of my exam! Thak you soooo much!!!

  • Wahid Nekiar

    Thanks a lot!! great work, you saved me almost $90 CAD by not purchasing VCE PLAYER..very satisfied 🙂

  • Nick

    Very good work, and very good quality of PDF file, 100% Recomended

  • darkdamsel

    I was not sure if this was going to work or not because already Examcollection which was I believe Test King before had cheated me. It was not instant like I thought originally but I gave you guys the benefit and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Mack

    At first, I was skeptical about your service. However, you proved me that I was wrong and I will definitely be back with more VCE files for conversion. Great service and very reliable which cost much less than Avanset simulation. Thanks a lot.

  • Kienerman

    Bought the certs a couple of days ago was skeptical at first. Great service! will definitely get more certs from you. Many Thanks!

  • Kienerman

    Thank you so much great service! I look forward getting more certs from you! your price is more reasonable compared to others 🙂

  • Hồng Phước Trương

    I bought the Premium PDF file at this website and their service is so good. They even sent me the updated file with new question without any charge.

  • AK

    Thanks alot admin, Avansat is not good anymore. I have total trust in you. Recommended!

  • Malintha

    Your my life saver!!!

  • kehinde

    Please help check the status of my account

  • JohnR

    how long does the conversion for the premium pdf generally take?

    I’m looking for the most recent Linux Essentials Exam file in PDF ?

    • Hello, it can take anywhere between a few minutes to a maximum of 24 hours – no more than that. All orders are processed in a queue, so its better to place the order at least a day before you plan to use the PDF.

  • Frank Krummradt

    Thank you …Good for my Job!!! Keep it up…

  • yahia

    Thank you….Good Work really!!!

  • yasmine

    Thank you for the feature

  • Mitkin

    Thank you for the premium pdf file .. Awesome feature …

  • shopping

    The email address “”support[at]”” is not recognized. Please fix it and try again.

  • shesho

    Works really nice, thank you.

  • Stephen

    How long if I upload now?

    • Just go ahead and upload it, you will get it anytime between a few minutes to a few hours. But never more than 24hrs.

  • Qwerty

    YES! Thank you so much for the conversion. Just what I needed!

  • Bandit

    So premium PDF option is really sweet. I do not need to buy a $70 vce file that runs on a $300 software. these guys make it easy in just under $6!

  • tony

    hai, thanks for bonus pdf! i guess i got lucky!!

  • Dude

    Avanset totally ruined it with the subscription shit. Avanshit! Thanks to vce2pdf, they are a godsend. love the service.

  • Humaim

    Oops. I had uploaded the wrong file by mistake. Support was kind enough to replace the file and give an additional PDF for free. Great service great support. Will share! Thank you.

  • Frost

    highly recommended. vce2pdf always works!

  • jjakal

    great service thank. much help.

  • Dave

    Sweet potatoes been breaking my head over the avanset crap. This site rocks!

  • Murli

    My 5th conversion. Always reliable VCE2PDF. Thank you.

  • Chang

    Nice work. Quick turn around.

  • Randy

    Good job. Took a while but I got the PDF! Thank you.

  • Drake

    Amazing you guys, thank you!

  • Brian

    What is the current wait time for files?

  • Dominik

    Any chance to get the pdf today?

  • aayush

    how long does the conversion for the premium pdf generally take/..?

    • All orders are processed in a queue. It could take anywhere between a few minutes to a maximum of 12 hours. Never more than 24 hrs.

  • Joe

    Hello – submitted one a few hours ago. Any idea when it will be processed?

  • Rahim

    when will i receive my file? Its sort of urgent.

    • Hello. You’ll be glad to know that your file was converted and sent to you!

  • AJ

    When do you think i will receive my file

    • Hello, You have already received your file. Please check your account page. Thanks!

  • Alex Ehrenthal

    Thank god for vce2pdf. I needed a certification by Friday and they came through in a big way. I don’t do certifications often but when I do it makes no sense to do $15 a month for a subscription. Vce2pdf turned it around in a few hours and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Lucas

    I have purchased a Premium PDF, how long before i receive it?

  • Lucas

    Hi Any idea how long my VCE convert will take? I have a few exams scheduled so if the response time is decent i will be using this alot in the near future

    • Hello, the response time is an average of 6 hours but most files are converted in way less time than that. It all depends on the number of orders placed before you in the queue. Therefore, try placing the order at least 12 to 24 hours before you actually plan to use the PDF.

  • Leon

    Hello, how soon will my vce file been converted to PDF?

    • Your file was already converted and sent within 15 minutes. 🙂 Please use email for all order related questions. Thanks.

  • Michael

    I just pass 70-331 . i need 70-332 latest premium files .Thanks.

    • Hello, please place a Premium PDF order for your exam code using the navigation menu above.

  • Antonio Dominiko

    Great service. Thank you.

  • Antonio Dominiko

    Curious. How long does it take to convert a file?

  • DLine


  • DLine

    really eager to give a try, will the file be verified by the morning?

    • Hello, you do not have to wait until the morning. Your file has been converted and sent to you!

    • DLine

      NICE!!!!!! 2x’s

  • Michael

    Do you have premium dump for 70-331 exams ?? Thanks. How many new questions and what is the release date ?

  • this site is the best , the faster , and the easiest way to have ur pdf file

  • Moi

    If i provide the VCE this evening can you convert it before tomorrow 08-04?

  • Dilan

    Hi Team, I am trying the service.. Still pending for the convert to happen.. Would be awesome if it’d be done within next ten minutes…waiting for positive outputs .. Thank you and Much appreciated

  • Don’t wanna give out

    Hm, trying the service.. Still pending for the convert to happen.. Would be awesome if it’d be done within next ten minutes

  • RBK

    thanks a bunch! I’ve got my order quickly and with Bonuses! Highly recommended!

  • zee

    Used your service several times. I must say you guys deliver as promised. Thank you. very helpful.

  • Jen

    Very simple, efficient. You guys are the best. Premium PDF is what I needed and I got it.

  • Jen

    PDF delivered on time. Thank you.

  • FE

    I was skeptic about the service, but I have to say that vce2pdf does deliver!
    I would not pay the stupidly ridiculous fees that avanset is asking for, just to get an exam-like interface, ’cause all I really need is to study the question/answer pairs.
    Thank you vce2pdf!

  • R.T.A.R


    I received my order in less than 24 hrs.

    Congratulations VCE2PDF.

    J’ai reçu ma commande en moins de 24 hs.

    Felicitations VCE2PDF.
    Bom dia,

    Eu recebi minha conversão em menos de 24 hrs.

    Parabèns VCE2PDF.

  • Milton

    The VCE to PDF conversion was very fast. It just took a day’s time. Also, I didn’t have to pay $49.99 + $65.99 for the premium VCE file and Avanset software. A total savings of $107.99. WOW !!! Thank you team vce2pdf. You rock !!!

  • Maxwell

    What is the time to process the payment?

  • ZP

    I’m not able to download converted file because of Dropbox message “This file is uploading…”. Can you please check it?

    • Yes we had a slight issue with our dropbox sync. It’s fixed now.

      • ZP

        It works. Thanks!

  • crewclan

    I do not have a time. Be quick convert.

  • SK

    How many questions was it? I’m trying to ascertain how long it takes for conversion?

    • Hello, Conversion does not depend on number of questions. It depends on when you placed the order as they are processed in a queue.